The "Risk-Wise"® Investor   How To Better Understand and Manage Risk

The "Risk-Wise"® Investor

By Michael. T. Carpenter, Published globally by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The "Risk-Wise" Investor book ... Offers a fresh, new, user-friendly, non-technical way for anyone to better understand and more effectively manage the full range of ever evolving risks generated by our rapidly changing, increasingly less certain world.

This practical guide outlines an easy and effective, personalized risk management planning process that will allow you to plan for and deal with investment risk in bull, bear, and uncertain markets. It will also help you improve the likelihood of achieving your long-term financial goals, while reducing the likelihood and impact of unpleasant & costly negativesurprises.

The "Risk-Wise" Investor will show you how to use knowledge, understanding and preparation to demystify risk, and reduce the fear and risk generally associated with risk management. Once you become familiar with the empowering "Risk-Wise" method, you'll never look at risk quite the same way again.

        Praise for The "Risk-Wise" Investor

"Most investors get wise to risk only after the damage has been done. Savvy investors know that risk management is the whole game. Michael Carpenter's superb  book, The Risk-Wise Investor, could save you much heartache, not to mention many dollars."

- Don Phillips - 

  Managing Director, Morningstar        

 "My advice to advisors and investors: get hold of a copy. It's a no-risk way to improve your chances

of investment success."

- Robert L. Reynolds -

President & CEO, Putnam Investments

"Knowledge is the antidote to fear"